Theatre History




This workshop will take a comprehensive look into theatre history from it’s ancient beginnings to the present day. There is a glorious, turbulent and 25 century young theatre history from which to learn. True, the past does not equal the future; still, to gain the most in the future we must invest all that we learn about the past.

For centuries people have been attending performances to be entertained, educated and to explore the most inner part of human nature. Since human nature does not have an expiration date we can be certain people will continue to be theatre goers in the future, as well.

In addition, theatre may be viewed as one of the first “social networks”. A place, where we go to meet and socialize with others in the real sense, face to face. Viewed in this way, it is fair to say that theatre has the most followers in the history of social networking.

With the arrival of new technologies, only time will tell how the 25 century young theatre and the new technologies of tomorrow will complement one another. Still, we can be sure of one thing, new technology must be acceptable to the most inner part of our nature, not the other way around. In other words, theatre is here to stay.

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