Acting Trends


Why ACTING TRENDS workshops?


Acting exercises designed with acting trends in mind enable actors to think and work out of the box. This in itself should help actors to create a relaxed, playful and more productive work environment.

When Thespis, “the first” actor of ancient Greece, introduced the term “impersonation” as a part of his stage performance (c. 560 B.C.), he was praised by many and questioned by few. As expected, Thespis scored a victory in this argument. Ancient Greece, the birthplace of modern Drama, was in love with actors. They were highly regarded members of the society. Unfortunately, this was not the case in the remainder of the Western world for a very long time. The creation of acting trends was influenced by social, political, religious and economic factors.

Today, a list of potential influences on acting trends should include art and cultural exchange around the world, new technologies, new ways of communication and experimental approaches in the performing arts.

Different times, different influences, different trends. Still, old and new, all part of human nature, and of our never ending desire to improve.

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