About George Djordjevic

About George Djordjevic

George Djordjevic, pronounced George Georgevich, has been a part of over 150 professional theatrical, film, television and radio productions working as a Director, Producer, Writer or Actor. His education and training includes B.A. (Production), and Graduate work in Directing.

Certificate in Independent Producing / Earn with distinction / Twenty-Four Unit Program / Entertainment and Music Industry / University of California, Los Angeles; UCLA Extension.

In the past 10 years he has been extensively involved with interactive web based projects.

Author of The Art of Holistic Acting (in print). Keynote speaker: SAG/AFTRA Conservatory (Series of workshops “On Acting”).


Past Reviews

“The series of workshops conducted recently by George Djordjevic was among the most eagerly anticipated and most affective ever offered by our SAG / AFTRA Conservatory Committee […] –  Lucy Brightman, former Chairwoman of the SAG / AFTRA Conservatory, Washington D.C / Baltimore Office.


“In order to take full advantage of all that this multitalented artist has to offer, we arranged to hold the series in the much larger venue […] It was a wise decision; about triple the number we could have handled “at home” signed up for the series” – Lucy Brightman, former Chairwoman of the SAG / AFTRA Conservatory, Washington D.C / Baltimore Office.


“George Djordjevic is a wonderful asset for all professional and aspiring actors…”  a newspaper article written by B. C.


“I have personally learned and practice … acting techniques that will impact upon me forever.” – B. Zimmerman, union actress;


“George’s … superb direction and creative talents… bring… to life unique acting experiences that go far beyond what can be learned from studying acting books”

“The most innovative and effective approach to developing actors’ skills.” – H.T. , student actress;


“Truly motivating. (He) challenged my senses, my imagination and my creative role as an actor” – S. Campos, union actress


“He is a real big asset to our company and to the community.” – C. T., educator / business executive;