About Workshops


A new series of workshops on acting and theatre created and presented by George Djordjevic includes the following topics:

Theatre History

Acting Trends

Stage vs. On Camera Acting

Finding Art Within You

The Art of Holistic Acting


The goals of the George Djordjevic Workshops are:

To provide actors with answers that will enable them to master their craft.

To provide production companies with acting coaching services that will optimize the use of company’s time and resources during production.

To facilitate positive partnerships with institutions and individuals.

To promote cultural cooperation around the world through art and the art of acting in particular.


The George Djordjevic Workshops will accomplish this by:

Offering workshops in the United States and abroad.

Providing long and short term training options in house and on location.

Offering one-on-one mentoring.

Offering acting coaching services to theaters, film and television studios and    independent production companies.

Publishing books, newsletters, commentaries, interviews, DVDs.

Sponsoring webcasts and professional events.